Kickfurther User Guidelines

Written by Kaylyn Perry

Last published at: August 24th, 2021

Kickfurther wants to grow a user culture that stresses professional language and kindness. What our users post must comply with Kickfurther's terms of use, and users may be personally liable for what they post here and elsewhere. 

It is in everyone’s best interest to address each other as professionally and as kindly as possible. For instance, if a business has negative news to share with their buyers and some buyers respond in an unprofessional and demeaning way, the business is less likely to respond to comments moving forward. 

We want the businesses on Kickfurther to feel comfortable communicating with their buyers in a transparent nature. To help promote a kind, professional and efficient Kickfurther community culture, we have recently clarified the Kickfurther Community Guidelines which you can read about below.

User Comment Rules and Guidelines:

  1. Keep comments on point, businesslike, and professional. Be civil. No profanity, no slurs, no personal attacks related to Kickfurther Businesses, Kickfurther Users, or Kickfurther itself on the Kickfurther website or anywhere else. 
  2. No sharing of quoted or substantially similar text, images, or other material from Kickfurther’s website anywhere other than Kickfurther as it is a violation of Kickfurther’s Terms of Use. Accordingly, all discussions about specific funded offers should take place on Kickfurther’s website in the Buyer Page.
  3. No false, misleading, or malicious comments or actions regarding Users, Co-Ops, business owners, or Kickfurther or its staff.
  4. No posting or publishing of contact data that is not your own personal information regardless of whether the other person has posted it before, or whether it can be found on a public search engine, such as Google.
  5. Any violation of these rules, policies, or human decency will result in moderation and/or comment deletion on the Kickfurther website. Kickfurther reserves the right to moderate all comments and content as it sees fit in its sole discretion.
  6. If offending comments are made somewhere other than the Kickfurther website, Kickfurther may request deletion of such comments and request the offending IP addresses of the individual commenting.
  7. Kickfurther reserves the right to suspend your account and limit your privileges within the Kickfurther platform, including, but not limited to, suspending your commenting privileges and your ability to contribute to Co-Ops, for at least two weeks for each violation of these rules and policies.
  8. Further, be aware you may be personally liable for any and all damages caused by posting, communicating, or otherwise disseminating false or defamatory statements about Users, Co-Ops, business owners, or Kickfurther or its staff.