Kickfurther Buyer Guidelines

Written by Kaylyn Perry, updated June 28th, 2024

Kickfurther's Buyer forum is intended to foster entrepreneurship, professional language, encouragement and kindness.   What our Buyers post on the Co-Op comment boards must comply with Kickfurther's terms of use, and Buyers may be personally liable for what they post on Kickfurther and elsewhere. 

It is in everyone’s best interest to address fellow Buyers and businesses as professionally and as kindly as possible. For instance, if a business has negative news to share with their Buyers and some respond in an unprofessional and demeaning way, the business is less likely to respond to comments and share updates moving forward. 

We want the businesses on Kickfurther to feel comfortable communicating with their Buyers in a transparent nature. To help promote a kind, professional and efficient Kickfurther community culture, we have recently clarified the Kickfurther Community Guidelines which you can read about below.

Community Update Rules - Posting

  • No spamming, no self promotion, no self advertising

  • No offensive content and no cursing

  • Be respectful to other users, businesses and to Kickfurther

  • Do not post the contact information of any business or Buyer or Kickfurther employee

    • This will not help the Co-Op complete their Co-Op any faster

  • No solicitation of posting bad reviews about the business anywhere to anyone

    • This will not help the business complete their Co-Op any faster

  • No impersonation of any other Buyer or business

  • No accusatory statements of criminal activity or threats of legal action


We will enforce these rules in a number of ways that are not limited to what is listed below -

  • Asking you less nicely to stop

  • Temporary or permanent suspension of commenting to update boards

  • Removal of functionality to your Kickfurther accounts

  • Adding new rules to our guidelines 

  • Redacting the content

  • Banning you from using Kickfurther


Questions about our community guidelines?  Feel free to reach out to us by sending an email to