Package Price

Written by Kaylyn Perry, updated May 15th, 2024

Each time you contribute to a Kickfurther  Consignment Opportunity (Co-Op), you are purchasing an assortment of items on consignment from a brand.  Contributors (aka Buyers) are paid back as the brand sells each item.  Kickfurther uses an algorithm to guarantee that each buyer is purchasing the same grouping of items at the same price regardless of the number of contributors and the cost/quantity of each item.  The algorithm uses the lowest common denominator of each item’s cost and quantity to determine the package or pack price to purchase these items and participate in the Co-Op.  .  

Every Co-Op in the Kickfurther marketplace has a package price listed on the Co-Op overview page.

Please note that Brands on Kickfurther are not responsible for setting their own package price and the price is determined entirely by the algorithm.  

Questions about Kickfurther packs?  Please send us an email by writing to