Kickfurther Store

Written by Steve , updated June 8th, 2023

Every buyer on Kickfurther has his or her own personal storefront.  You can access your personal Kickfurther Store here:


Every time you contribute to a Kickfurther Co-Op and the Co-Op funds successfully, the products consigned in the Co-Op are automatically added to your personal Kickfurther Store once the items are available for selling. The purchase prices in your store reflect some of the best prices for the item on the internet, and you are able to share your store listings anywhere with the use of your storefront link. 


Each time a sale occurs in your personal store, you get paid, the business gets paid, and a portion of the proceeds go towards the Co-Op balance -- lowering the outstanding obligation for the business and helping ensure the Co-Op finishes quickly.


Buyers earn a 5% commission on each sale generated in their stores. Since the prices in your personal Kickfurther Store reflect some of the best deals on the internet, your personal Kickfurther Store has a competitive advantage in the global ecommerce marketplace. Plus, a portion of each sale goes directly towards the open Co-Op balance, driving the total payback remaining lower with each purchase.


If a sale occurs in your Kickfurther Store, the business will be notified of the sale and prompted to provide a tracking number to the purchaser within seven business days.  Once the order is fulfilled, the Kickfurther Store owner will receive his or her commission and a payout towards his or her outstanding Co-Op balance.  The Co-Op balance will also be reduced for everyone that contributed to the Co-Op.


Questions or comments about the Kickfurther Store?  Please feel free to contact us at