Kickfurther Store

Written by Steve , updated December 21st, 2020

The Kickfurther Store exists to give our Co-Op buyers an outlet to sell their consigned items.  When an item is sold, everyone wins - both the Co-Op owner and the buyers.

Items from Co-Ops you have contributed to will only show in your virtual Kickfurther store front once the items are available for selling according to the Co-Op’s payback schedule.  This is why you may not see items appear right away in your storefront after the Co-Op funds successfully.

Here is how to access your Kickfurther Store:

1. Log into your Kickfurther account


2. Click on “My Store” from your username drop down menu in the top right corner of your dashboard

3. View the products in your Store 

What Happens When Someone Purchases an Item in My Kickfurther Store?

Your outstanding balance in the Co-Op will be reduced by the revenue share price of the item sold.

Kickfurther will notify the business to fulfill the order. The business will provide the buyer with the tracking information from the sale.