Kickfurther Backer FAQs

Written by Kaylyn Perry

Last published at: December 10th, 2021

Co-Op: A "Co-Op" is short for consignment opportunity, which is what we call the arrangement to fund inventory for a vetted brand.

Co-Op Overview Page: The Co-Op overview page represents a funding opportunity for a vetted brand. To view a Co-Op’s overview page, simply click on the card of the Co-Op

Kickfurther Store: The Kickfurther store is where you’ll find items you have funded on consignment. They will appear once the items are available for selling according to the Co-Ops payback schedule. 

Funds Only Co-OpIn a funds-only Co-Op, you can only use funds you have already deposited into your account from a bank transfer. You cannot use a credit card. 

Package Price: Kickfurther operates as an inventory funding platform, so each deal is customized to a brands specific timeline and product costs for one or more products. When the product cost is higher or the Co-Op includes multiple products in the deal, the package price will be higher per pack. This price is not set arbitrarily and is dictated entirely by the costs of the goods being funded.

Total Raised: This represents the total that is being funded by the Kickfurther community. 

Total Payout: This represents the total raised by the Kickfurther community plus the profit margin. 

Inventory Inspection (II): The business self-warehouses their product and has authorized Kickfurther to send a third party to inspect inventory levels. 

Inventory Visibility (IV): This indicates the company has granted Kickfurter visibility into and power of attorney over their warehouse relationship.

PSC (Percentage Sold for Completion): This is the percentage of the inventory the brand needs to sell for all backers to earn back their principal and payout.

Purchase methods: To participate in a Co-Op, you can use a credit card or ACH/bank transfer, unless otherwise noted. 

Deal Duration: The duration of a deal is based on the custom timeline the brand presents and agrees to. This includes the time for production, shipping and the time it takes to begin selling their product.

Co-Op profit margin: The percentage of profit you would make on the goods you’ve funded.

Live Co-Op: A live Co-Op is open for buyers to contribute funds to. Co-Ops go live at 5 pm EST/ 2 pm PST.

Upcoming Co-OpWhen a Co-Op is first launched on Kickfurther, it launches as an Upcoming Co-Op in “preview mode” for at least 24 hours. Backers can use a Kickfurther Key to participate during this phase; the first 50% of a Co-Op is available for purchase during that time. Please note, each backer can only purchase 5% of the Co-Op during its upcoming phase. 

Partially Funded Co-Op: A Co-Op can fund up to 50% while in the upcoming phase. To be able to participate in an upcoming Co-Op, you need to use a Kickfurther key