How to Add Funds or Credit to Make a Claim on Kickfurther

Written by Steve , updated February 2nd, 2024

Before you can participate in Kickfurther Co-Ops, you must create a Kickfurther Buyer account. Please sign up here -

Buyers can participate and purchase consignment inventory on Kickfurther via two methods -

1. Kickfurther Funds (added via your linked bank account)

2. Kickfurther Credit (purchased via credit card)

How to Contribute with Kickfurther Credit 

Kickfurther Buyers can purchase Kickfurther Credit here or from the sidebar in their Buyer accounts -

Please note that Kickfurther Credit cannot be withdrawn.  It must be applied to a Co-Op and the future inventory payments  that you may receive can then be withdrawn.

How to Purchase Kickfurther Funds

Kickfurther Buyers can purchase Kickfurther Funds from the "+" icon in their Buyer dashboard.

Please note that Kickfurther Funds can take up to five business days to clear in your Kickfurther account.  

How to Apply Kickfurther Credit or KF Funds to a Co-Op

Kickfurther Buyers can peruse the Kickfurther marketplace and participate in Co-Ops that are live and available for funding.

Choose the Co-Op in which you would like to participate and hit the "Contribute" button to participate in the Co-Op.

Hitting the "Contribute" button will redirect you to a checkout page where you can apply your Kickfurther Credit or Kickfurther Funds to the Co-Op to purchase inventory.

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