Purchase Methods

Written by Kaylyn Perry, updated May 15th, 2024

Buyers have two payment options when contributing to  consignment opportunities (Co-Ops) on Kickfurther’s marketplace.

The first payment option is called Kickfurther Funds.  Funds are ACH transferred to and from your KF account via a linked bank account, and these ACH transfers can take up to 5 business days to process and settle.  Funds must be settled and added to your account balance before contributing to a Co-Op.  Kickfurther does not charge a fee to deposit or withdraw KF Funds.  Go to your user dashboard and follow the bank linking instructions from the purple “Get Started” button to link a bank account to take advantage of zero transfer fees.

The second payment option is called Kickfurther Credit.  Credit is added to your KF account from a credit card with no transfer delay.  This means that credit can be purchased from the contribute button during the checkout process and does not need to be added ahead of time like Kickfurther Funds.  Kickfurther Credit cannot be withdrawn, it can only be contributed to Co-Ops.  The future payouts that you may receive are issued to you as Kickfurther Funds and can then be withdrawn.  You can manage and update your list of saved credit cards from your user settings.  Kickfurther charges a 2.9% fee to add credit to your account balance. 

Questions about Kickfurther payment options?  Please reach out to us by sending an email to contact@kickfurther.com.