Formatting your Dashboard Settings

Written by Melissa Pillion, updated November 9th, 2020

There are a number of settings and options accessible within your account dashboard. Here’s an overview of those options and where to find them.

To adjust your user settings, log into your Kickfurther buyer account and choose “Settings” from the list of options along the left side of your dashboard:



Use this feature to update your email address, username and password

Email Notifications 

Use this feature to set and update your email preferences and email notifications 

Credit Cards

Come here to update/add the credit cards on file for your Kickfurther account


Use this tool to link your bank account to your Kickfurther account and to manage all bank accounts linked to your Kickfurther account.  Completing the steps under this section will allow you to transfer and withdraw funds via ACH.


To create and contribute on Kickfurther means you agree with the affirmations listed here. Affirmations are essentially certain terms you must agree to in order to participate. We use these to make sure everyone understands how the platform works