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How to Add Funds or Credit to Make a Claim on Kickfurther

Before you can participate in Kickfurther Co-Ops, you must create a Kickfurther Buyer account. Please sign up here -  https://app.kickfurther.com/register Buyers can participate and purchase consignment inventory on Kickfurther via two methods - 1. Kickfurther Funds (added via your linked bank account) 2. Kickfurther Credit (purchased via credit car...

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Updated February 27th, 2024 by Steve

Kickfurther Store

Kickfurther Store Every Buyer on Kickfurther has their own personal storefront.  You can access your personal  Kickfurther Store here:   https://app.kickfurther.com/account     Every time you allocate funds to a Kickfurther Co-Op and the Co-Op funds successfully, the products consigned in the Co-Op are automatically added to your personal  Kickfurth...

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Updated December 29th, 2020 by Steve

User Stores

Each Kickfurther user that contributed to your Co-Op has their own Kickfurther User Store where they have the ability to list the items that were funded in your Co-Op for sale in their virtual storefronts. If a contributor sells one of your financed items, Kickfurther will notify you of the sale and you’ll then manage order fulfillment to the shippi...

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Updated November 14th, 2022 by Steve

Post Funding Timeline

Congratulations on funding your Co-Op! Here’s what to expect now. Generally, the funds raised in a Co-Op will not be available until five business days after funding. If you’d like to expedite part of your funds, we offer an expedited option available for $250. If you funded against existing inventory, we must confirm that the inventory exists prior...

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