Kickfurther Metrics Model Now Available in Co-Pilot

Written by Kaylyn Perry, updated August 28th, 2023

Kickfurther Metrics Model Now Available in Co-Pilot


We recently introduced the Kickfurther Metric Model (KMM). A machine learning model that ingests various business metrics and groups businesses together based on the availability and combination of those metrics. Each Co-op is put in 1 of the 4 KMM groups; Pro, Plus, Select, and Core.

The criteria of the Kickfurther Metrics Model is based on information provided to Kickfurther that we consider to be relevant or useful. 

You are now able to use the Kickfurther Metrics Model within Co-Pilot.

When you enter Co-Pilot, you will need to accept the new Kickfurther Metric Model disclaimer in order to set your criteria.

Once you accept disclaimer, select set criteria. 

Here you will select your criteria for each KMM group:

Go through each of the four KMM groups and enable and set criteria according to your preferences. 

When a Co-Op launches and enters early access, Copilot will try to reserve a claim for you if the Co-Op meets your desired criteria. Blank criteria fields will not be considered. If all fields are blank, Copilot will attempt a reservation for all Co-ops.

When a Co-Op enters early access and you receive an allocation, set your desired number of packs and select "Purchase" to confirm your claim or select "Pass" to release the packs.