Kickfurther Metrics Model Now Available in Co-Pilot

Written by Kaylyn Perry, updated February 27th, 2024

Kickfurther Metrics Model Now Available in Co-Pilot


The Kickfurther Metric Model (KMM) is a machine learning model that ingests various business metrics and groups businesses together based on the availability and combination of those metrics. Each Co-Op is put in 1 of the 4 KMM groups; Pro, Plus, Select, and Core.

The criteria of the Kickfurther Metrics Model are based on information provided to Kickfurther that we consider to be relevant or useful.

1. Login to Your Kickfurther Account: Start by logging into your Kickfurther account. You'll need to ensure you have enabled the KMM model in your Buyer settings and opted into Co-Pilot from the Copilot tab in your Buyer dashboard.

2. Navigate to Co-Pilot: Hit the Co-Pilot tab once logged in. This is where you'll access Co-Pilot's features and settings. Learn more about Co-Pilot here.

3. Set Your Criteria: After accepting the disclaimer, you'll gain access to the KMM functionality within Co-Pilot. Here you can set your criteria for each of the four KMM groups: Pro, Plus, Select, and Core. Customize these criteria based on your preferences and Co-Op allocation strategy.

4. Save Your Preferences: Make sure to save your criteria settings. This step is essential to ensure that Co-Pilot considers your preferences when identifying suitable Co-Ops.

5. Monitor and Act: With your criteria set, Co-Pilot will actively monitor incoming Co-Ops. When a Co-Op aligns with your specified criteria, Co-Pilot will attempt to reserve a claim for you. You'll receive notifications or alerts to take action. You can then set the number of packs you want and confirm your claim or choose to pass.

There is currently no allocation fee for Co-Pilot as this integration goes live.

Remember that the KMM is designed to enhance your Co-Pilot experience by providing greater insights into Co-Op selection. Regularly review and adjust your criteria as needed to align with your individual goals and strategy. 

By following these steps, you'll be able to access and leverage the KMM within Co-Pilot, accessing more information as you make your buying decisions. 

Please write to us by sending an email to with any questions or comments you may have about our KMM model and Copilot.