How to Link your Bank Account to Dwolla

Written by Kaylyn Perry, updated January 30th, 2023

We've transitioned to Dwolla Pay as our new ACH banking provider effective.

You will need to relink your bank account in order to continue to use our ACH services. This only needs to be completed once.

Please note: linking your bank account to Dwolla can take up to five business days, so you will not be able to deposit or withdrawal until your transition is complete.

To link your bank account to Dwolla, go to your buyer dashboard and click on “Banking” on the right drop down.

A window will pop-up where you will complete your banking profile. Including information like your name, date of birth, social, etc. and press continue.

Once you verify your identity, you will add your bank information and select Link Bank Account.

After filling out your account number, routing number and nicknaming your bank account, be sure to select whether the account you are adding is a checking account or savings account.

Once you link your bank account, keep an eye out for two small micro deposits that will clear in the bank account you have added. Micro deposits can take up to 5 business days to clear in your bank account depending on your banking provider.

You can deposit funds while waiting for the micro deposits to land. Please note that you will need to confirm the micro deposit amounts before making any withdrawals.

You will still be able to contribute to Co-Ops while waiting for your micro deposits. Select start exploring Co-Ops to see our current marketplace offerings. 

Once you see the micro deposits in your bank account statement, confirm them under “banking” in your dashboard to make withdrawals and to complete the bank linking process.

You'll enter your two amounts and press verify to complete the process.

Once your micro deposits are verified, the bank linking process is complete!

Need help linking your bank account?  Please feel free to reach out to us -