Introducing Kickfurther's New Invoicing System and Invoice Page

Written by Kaylyn Perry, updated July 27th, 2022

We’re thrilled to launch the new Kickfurther invoicing system and invoice page! You’ll have access to an up-to-date dashboard of your invoices and payments due, enabling you to better track the progress and status of your Co-Op. With our invoice page, you can manage, submit and view your invoices, setup automatic billing, as well as review your Co-Op timeline, status and payment history in one place. 


  • Easily access all of your paid and upcoming invoices

  • Schedule auto debit payments 

  • Submit invoice payments to be on schedule with your Co-Op manually if auto debits fail

  • View your Co-Op’s current status, payment history, Co-Op terms and expected timeline

  • Learn how certain payments affect your timeline, completion date and more

A Guide to Our New Invoice Page

Easily identify what is due on your next payment date or current invoice for your Co-Op to stay in compliance and on schedule by toggling between your Due Now and Upcoming Payment columns.

Businesses with automatic billing setup will be defaulted to pay their minimum compliance amount on payment due dates. You can easily manage your auto payment amount as well as choose to default to paying on schedule, ensuring you never become flagged for failure to make payments.

To make a payment, select which amount you are submitting, choose your account and click make payment. To exit the payment screen, select nevermind.

View your total paid and upcoming payments through our Co-Op payment illustration to easily understand whether your Co-Op is in compliance or on schedule. 

View all open and unpaid invoices under the Invoice column. Invoices are generated after each sales report is submitted.

Your payment history is all the payments submitted for consignment inventory in your Co-Op. View to see if a payment is pending or paid.

View your Co-Op terms for the amount funded in your Co-Op. 

View your Co-Op expected timeline including your close date, payment terms, sales period and expected completion date.

If for any reason the auto payment fails, simply log into your Kickfurther business account and submit your payment

Invoice Page Glossary:

Co-Op Status: The status of your Co-Op is based on the submission of your sales reporting and payments.

In Compliance: To be in compliance with your Co-Op, you must submit your sales reporting according to your agreed upon timeline and then all invoiced sales must be paid for.

On Schedule: For your Co-Op to be considered on schedule, the payments you have submitted after each sales reporting period aligns with your original projections.

If you have questions, email