How to Link your Bank Account to Dwolla

Written by Kaylyn Perry, updated December 10th, 2021

Before you’re able to send or receive funds on Kickfurther’s platform, you need to link your bank account to Dwolla. 

Why do we use Dwolla? 

  • It allows individuals to have business and buyer accounts with linked bank accounts without any issues
  • Significantly higher transaction allowances 
  • Is a Plaid based connection system

How to link your bank account

Login to your business account on Kickfurther and click on the “Banking” tab on the left.

PLEASE NOTE: Before linking your account to Dwolla, please ensure you have already linked your bank account to Plaid. If you have not yet linked to Plaid, you will be unable to complete this process.

For the business section, enter your legal business name that will send or receive funds on the Kickfurther platform along with your industry classification and business type, such as an LLC or Corporation.

For Account Admin, enter your personal information as the person completing the banking profile. 

Unless you are a Sole Proprietorship, Trust, or Unincorporated Association, you will need to fill out the Controller section. A controller is any individual who holds significant responsibilities to control, manage or direct a company or other corporate entity such as a CEO or President. 

Once completed click next and verify the beneficial owners. This is based on the type of business you declared on the previous page. Beneficial owners are individuals who own 25% or more of your company. 

In order to be eligible to send funds, you must certify beneficial owner(s) information.

After you certify your beneficial owner(s), you will be asked to select which account from Plaid you want to create your funding source from. Your funding source is where funds are sent or received.

The transfer tab is where you will find any funds that have been transferred to or from your Kickfurther account to the account you have linked. 

You are successfully linked! If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to