Copilot Guide

Written by Melissa Pillion, updated September 23rd, 2022

Introducing Copilot

We are pleased to release Copilot, our early reservation feature for Kickfurther Buyers. 

Copilot is an optional feature that grants early reservations to Co-Ops for our community of Buyers. Sick of waiting till 5PM every day to contribute to your favorite Co-Ops? Then Copilot is for you. With Copilot, Kickfurther will start rewarding Buyer participation with “Engagement Points” (EP). Buyers with EP can set criteria parameters under “Copilot” in their Kickfurther dashboards. 

Buyers will be awarded allocations to Co-Ops based on their EP balance. If a Co-Op is launched that meets the criteria, the Buyer will receive an allocation that they can review and must approve within 24 hours in order for the claim to be successful. Buyers using Copilot will be charged a 0.5% fee on their contribution amount at the time the purchase is made. 

How to Earn Engagement Points

Kickfurther Buyers can earn one EP for every -

- $10,000 deposited via ACH

- $10,000 of Kickfurther Credit purchased 

- For every $100,000 in claims that fund successfully

- $500 of gross sales in your Kickfurther Store

Coming soon, Buyers will be able to purchase one EP for $500.

Buyers will lose one EP for every $10,000 that is withdrawn from Kickfurther.  You will not lose EP for approving allocations and for contributing to Co-Ops.  You can check your EP balance in your Kickfurther user dashboard under Copilot.  

How to Set Criteria on Copilot

To use Copilot and to set your desired Co-Op criteria, log into your Kickfurther account and click on “Copilot” along the left hand bar menu.

Enable Copilot by agreeing to the 0.5% fee. This fee only applies to any purchases approved through Copilot.

Select the criteria tab to enter values for your desired criteria. Co-Ops will become available based on the criteria that are set on this tab. Criteria fields left blank will not be considered.  This means that if you leave each field blank, all launched Co-Ops will get added to your allocation list.  Then simply approve the allocations you want for your claim to be executed.

Approving Allocations 

As Co-Ops that meet your criteria are launched, a list of allocations will show under “Allocations” in Copilot.

Buyers must set a purchase amount and approve each allocation within 24 hours of the Co-Op becoming available in order for the purchase to be successful. We have implemented an automatic email alert as Co-Ops are added to the available allocation list. Approved allocations will result in purchases of consignment inventory in the Co-Op before the Co-Op becomes available to the rest of the Kickfurther user base.

The End of the Upcoming Period and KF Keys  

Early access for Copilot is replacing the Upcoming Period on Kickfurther and thus the functionality of Kickfurther Keys.  The duration of early access for Copilot will last upon the launch of the Co-Op in Copilot until the posted public launch date.  The Co-Op will become available to non Copilot users after the launch date.  You can view the launch date in the Copilot tab in your buyer dashboard.


If you have questions or feedback to share about Copilot, please feel free to email