Business Post Funding Expectations

Written by Kaylyn Perry, updated October 29th, 2021

Congrats on successfully funding your Co-Op! Now what?

Post a Message to your buyers: Once you fund, you should send a message to the buyers who made it possible thanking them for support and letting them know you are excited for next steps. It’s also good to make sure that you know how to use the update tool. If you’d like to offer a discount of any kind to your buyers now is a perfect time to re-share the offer. If you’d like them to join your brand email list, now is a perfect time to share a link directing them.

Funds Hold Period: Generally, Businesses on Kickfurther must wait five business days past the funding date of their Co-Op successfully funding to gain access to their raised funds. We allow this time to pass to make sure that the funds raised by your Buyers clear successfully. Please expect a Kickfurther representative to reach out to you around two business days after your Co-Op funds to confirm the correct distribution of the funds. This representative will confirm payment details and amounts with you, and he or she will provide payment confirmations once the funds have been sent. Please remember only suppliers confirmed during on-boarding may be paid with Co-Op funds.

Avoid Delays, Complete All Remaining Tasks: There are a few requirements that Kickfurther allows a business to complete after posting their co-op. These tasks MUST be completed prior to receiving ANY funds:

    • Link your bank account to under "banking" in your KF dashboard
    • Complete any remaining supplier confirmation tasks including balance statements, payment information, etc.
    • Inventory Visibility Co-ops must confirm Kickfurther has a digital 3PL access or a report schedule.
    • Any requirement placed on you by Kickfurther staff during on-boarding.

Funds Transfer Method/Timeline: Generally, Kickfurther will send checks or wires depending on your preference and the location of recipient of the payment. Please check with Kickfurther staff to learn more about fund transfer options and pricing. 

Expedited Funds Transfer: We may be able to expedite part or all of your funds. Please reach out if you are interested in hearing more.