Co-Op Overview Page

Written by Steve , updated December 21st, 2020

Each Kickfurther Co-Op is a little different. While each one represents a funding opportunity for a vetted company, elements like duration, profit offered and company details vary from one opportunity to the next.  To view a Co-Op's overview page, simply click on the card of the Co-Op you are interested in here.

At the top of the overview page, you’ll see the company name, the name of the Co-Op, the location and website of the company. The top right will display the amount remaining to be raised as well as the number of packs available.

The details that begin to explain the main characteristics of the Co-Op fall across the center row of the page beneath the header image. There you’ll see the type of inventory inspection offered, the duration of the Co-Op, the profit offered to backers and the PSC (Percent Sold for Completion).

The type of Co-Op, either Inventory Inspection (II) or Inventory Visibility (IV) indicates how Kickfurther can review purchased inventory on behalf of the buyers. “Inventory Inspection” means the business self-warehouses their product and has authorized Kickfurther to send a third party to inspect inventory levels. “Inventory Visibility” indicates the company has granted Kickfurther visibility into and power of attorney over their warehouse relationship.

Further down the page you’ll see two sections with tabs marketing different information about the company, the Co-Op and the products to be funded.

The first section helps you understand the business from their perspective. Here’s what you can find:

Co-Op Overview: This section, compiled by the business, provides a short narrative that often includes details of the company’s and/or product’s growth and why more inventory is needed.

Company Details: If you were at a party, this is how the company would introduce itself, including details about ownership.

Product Info: A Kickfurther Co-Op can fund one or many products. Here you’ll see what those products are and what percentage each represents of the total funding.

Timeline: Each Co-Op is built around the production, sales and revenue cycles of the specific business. Here you’ll see the latest date the Co-Op can close (the date to which it is open for funding on Kickfurher); the date the inventory is available for sale; the payment periods for which the company will provide sales reports and is scheduled to issue payments to backers; and the completion date, when the Co-Op is estimated to have made all payments to backers and be completely closed. Please keep in mind that this timeline does not include the processing time of bank-to-bank transactions.

Comments: If you are logged in, you’ll be able to see any user comments on the Co-Op or questions for the business here, along with any correspondence. Likewise, you can use this section to ask questions as well.

The final section of the page includes an overview of where the business sits within objective metrics. Here you’ll find:

Credibility Overview: Review existing business and ownership stats and commitments, including existence of wholesale relationships, purchase orders tied to the inventory, personal guarantees backing funding and more.

Past Co-Ops: If this company initiated previous Co-Ops, you’ll see them here with a link to review each.

Reviews: Any user-submitted reviews of the company will appear here.

Within this final section, it’s important to note Kickfurther verifies all reported metrics but cannot verify any comments or messages made by the business.