Copilot Coming Soon!

Written by Kaylyn Perry, updated May 5th, 2022

Meet your Kickfurther Copilot!  

This is a new and optional participation feature for Kickfurther Buyers. With Copilot, you unlock the ability to identify certain Co-Op criteria for which you’d like ensure an allocation for purchase.

No more waiting for 5PM EST to log in and participate in your desired Kickfurther Co-Ops!  Copilot users get early participation access in the Co-Ops that meet their participation criteria.

Don’t worry – this does not automate participation, but temporarily reserves a set number of packs for you to purchase that you can opt into or out of before your account is debited. This means you’ll no longer have to scramble to purchase into a Co-Op you really want to make sure you participate in at the time it goes live!

You’ll receive Engagement Points for: 

  • Every $10,000 deposited and/or KF Credit purchase.

  • Every $100,000 of claims on Co-Ops that fund successfully

Examples of Copilot Point criteria a Kickfurther user can set:

  • Maximum duration (in months)

  • Minimum profit percent (per month)

  • Minimum public credit score

The fee to use Copilot will be 0.5%, and buyers will be charged once the claim in the Co-Op is completed.

Stay tuned for a longer guide to Copilot.

If you have any questions about the release or feedback to share, please feel free to email