Kickfurther Keys

How to use Kickfurther Keys

Written by Steve

Last published at: December 30th, 2021

What is a Kickfurther Key

Buyers can use a key to unlock early access to a Co-Op.  When a Co-Op is first launched on Kickfurther, it launches as an Upcoming Co-Op in “preview mode” for at least 24 hours.  When a Co-Op is in this phase, funding access is restricted to buyers with a Key. Buyers spend one of their Keys to unlock access to make a claim before the Co-Op opens to the public once it goes live. Co-ops can reach up to half of their funding goal in the Upcoming (preview) phase. 

How to get Keys

  • When they create an account 
  • When they link their bank account 
  • Monthly, on the 1st of every month 
  • When any Co-Op they participate in reaches completion

The more Co-Ops you participate in, the more keys you will accumulate to unlock early access on your favorite brands!

How to use a Keys to unlock your early access in a Co-Op:

When a Co-Op is in upcoming, click on the Co-Op "card," which is the image and set of details that takes you to the full Co-Op page.

Once in the Co-Op, you will see the details of the consignment -- the profit offered, business history, product information, expected timeline and more. If you think that the Co-Op is a good fit for your portfolio and want to ensure your ability to participate, you may decide to use a key instead of waiting for the Co-Op to become live to the public (keep in mind that this feature is only available until a Co-Op fills to 60%).


In the top section, on the right, there will be a blue key button.  Simply click on it to use a KF Key to gain early access.

A Co-Op remains in preview mode for at least 24 hours. However, if the Co-Op reaches 60% of its funding goal in upcoming or "preview" mode, a countdown clock to the Live release will appear where the contribution button was previously.  

The countdown clock means that all of the claims available for keyholders to unlock before the public release have been purchased.

Once the Co-Op is open to the public, the remaining 60% of packs/claims are available and sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Most Co-Ops fill in a matter of minutes, so if you’d like to make the best effort at securing a claim, it is wise to be online and available at the live time. Make sure you have opted in to Kickfurther’s emails (in your settings tab) to receive notifications of Co-Ops launching into “upcoming”, and when they open to the public so you don’t miss out on your favorites, new and old.