Introducing Kickfurther PRO

Written by Graham Vosburg, updated March 11th, 2022

We’re excited to announce the launch of Kickfurther Pro (“KFPro”)!

KFPro is a new option for our business customers. They can now pay a flat monthly subscription fee instead of our standard 5% success fee. This change has some powerful implications for both businesses and buyers on Kickfurther.  For businesses, it means smarter, more competitive pricing.  For our buyers, it means access to larger, more established businesses and their inventory. 

Our original success fee model was designed with entrepreneurs in mind.  We only charged our 5% fee when a Co-Op funded successfully.  As we grew the platform, we learned that this fee structure was not very attractive to more established businesses with reliable supply chains and burgeoning wholesale demand. For instance, if you can build, ship and sell inventory in 60 days, the 5% funding success fee is a 30% annualized cost! We wanted to create a structure that worked with those great businesses in mind, so that we can continue to offer them to our community of buyers.

The 5% success fee was used, in part, to cover credit card transaction costs for buyers purchasing inventory with credit cards through Co-Ops. Because the KFPro model doesn’t involve any per Co-Op fees or flat percentages, there is no room to cover credit card fees within the cost structure, and would counteract the aim to lower costs and attract more businesses. This means any KFPro Co-Ops are launched by default to allow “funds-free.”  In an effort to continue to support buyers who prefer to purchase inventory on Kickfurther through credit cards, we have reintroduced the ability to purchase Kickfurther Credit with your credit card. Kickfurther credit can then be deployed to purchase inventory in any “funds-free” Co-Ops.  Read more about how to use Kickfurther Credit here.

If you have any questions regarding KFPro or would like to send our team feedback, please email