New Business Dashboard Guide

Written by Kaylyn Perry, updated January 23rd, 2023

Welcome to your new Kickfurther Business Dashboard guide! We have compiled the feedback from our Kickfurther business customers to create a more efficient and easy to use dashboard.

View your new business dashboard here

New Dashboard Homepage

Upon logging in, you will notice a streamlined dashboard homepage with a summary of your Kickfurther Co-Ops across the top. If you are seeking additional business financing, you can get started on your next Co-Op by clicking the button, Create New Co-Op.

Actions Required Tasks

To view a list of any required action items, scroll down to your Actions required section. Action items will be highlighted in red. Simply click on the red action item to complete the task. Required actions include any due sales reporting, any due payments and any needed Buyer updates.

At the bottom of your new dashboard, you can view a convenient list of any upcoming future required tasks for your own planning purposes.

Questions or comments about our new business dashboard? Please feel free to let us know and send us an email to