What is Canceled by Kickfurther?

Written by Kaylyn Perry, updated May 26th, 2022

The “Canceled by Kickfurther”  status on Kickfurther is a possible lifetime status of a Co-Op.

Kickfurther has the option to “cancel” a Co-Op at any time. Usually, it's because a business doesn’t believe its Co-Op will fund and wants to relaunch it with new details.

Possible Outcomes

Sometimes the business relists their Co-Op with a shorter timeline or an increased profit rate or both. And sometimes the business never relists their Co-Op.

In either case, Buyers can expect to be refunded for their contribution.


Buyers can expect to see their Kickfurther Fund contributions refunded the same day from a Co-Op canceled by Kickfurther. The funds will be reflected in their transaction list and their account balance.

Kickfurther Credit contributions made via credit card can take up to seven business days for the refund to be reflected in the credit card statement.

Kickfurther Communication Expectations

If the business is going to relist their Co-Op, then Buyers can expect communication on the update board from the business or Kickfurther as to the reason why and an ETA on the new Co-Op launch.