Co-Op Overview Page

Written by Kaylyn Perry, updated May 31st, 2024

General Overview 


Each Consignment Opportunity (“Co-Op”) available for Buyer contributions can be found on our marketplace page under the “overview” tab.



Each Co-Op card found in the marketplace gives a snapshot of the details.  The card shows the estimated consignment profit and the estimated timeline.  Each card also shows the badges associated with each Co-Op.  All badges applicable to the Co-Op display in color. 


More Detailed View 


Clicking on the Co-Op card will show more detailed information about the consignment.



Included in the more detailed view is the brand name, Co-Op title, URL for the brand, the remaining raise amount, and packs available for purchase.  Each brand must hit its projected raise amount to successfully fund each Co-Op, and the Co-Op will be canceled if the raise amount goal is not met.  Hitting the contribute button will take each Buyer through a checkout flow to formally contribute and participate in the Co-Op.  


Buyers are able to view the “pack” price which is the price to participate in the Co-Op.  Packs refer to the inventory each user is purchasing on consignment from each brand.   Next to the pack price is the estimated profit and timeline the brand is projecting.


Each brand provides a Co-Op overview and details about their company for Buyer to review on the “Co-Op Overview” and “Company Details” tabs.


Co-Op Timeline


Hit the timeline tab to view the projected Co-Op selling and payment schedule for each Co-Op. 



The brand must reach its funding goal from Buyers by the Co-Op “close date” or the Co-Op will be canceled and the Buyers refunded.  


The “inventory availability” date is the date by which the brand anticipates consignment inventory will initially be delivered or available for sale. 


The “payment term” is the time between when the business submits a sales report and when the payment for such report is due. 


Each “sales period” includes a date range and a payment due date.  Each brand reports each unit sold of the consigned inventory within each date range and then is required to send payment for each sale by the correlating due date. 


Communicating with the Co-Op


During the upcoming or early access period, potential Buyers can communicate with each Brand from the “Comments” tab and ask the Brand any questions.

Buyers are encouraged to communicate with each Brand by asking the company questions that the Buyer may want answered before making a contribution.



Once the Co-Op meets its funding goal, only contributors are able to communicate with each Brand.


Credibility Overview


At the bottom of the Co-Op details is the credibility overview section.  This section presents standardized information about each Co-Op on Kickfurther including the years the business has been operating and the Brand’s annual revenue range.



The list above includes other standardized information Kickfuther has collected about the brand and the Co-Op.


“PO Assignment” refers to whether or not the brand has assigned any associated purchase order to Kickfurther.  This means that the PO issuer will pay the buyers directly and not the brand.


“Verified PO” indicates that any PO associated with the Co-Op has been vetted and confirmed with the 3rd party store or purchaser as valid.


“UCC Lien” indicates that Kickfurther will file a UCC lien memorializing the consignment if the Co-Op is successfully funded. 


“Is Repeat” indicates that the brand has completed other Co-Ops in the past.


“3rd Party Supplier” indicates that Kickfurther has confirmed with the brand’s manufacturer that the inventory was in fact produced and delivered.


“Personal Guarantee” indicates that an additional individual associated with the business has agreed to guarantee all amounts owed by the business and will be obligated to provide payment should the business default on its obligations. 


“Inventory Levels” indicates that Kickfurther has electronic access to monitor the brand’s sales to better ensure that the business is submitting payment on any sales reported as sold.



Questions about contributing to Kickfurther Co-Ops? Please email